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Selected writings

Movies, as we know them today, will be dead in 10 years.
Ever wondered what the next big entertainment format will be?
Back in the old days we invented music. We invented theatre.
It evolved into musicals, operas and later movies and TV shows.
It’s time to take the next small step for mankind. Follow me.

Let’s turn censorship into sensorship.
Face it! It’s too late to become utterly private these days.
If ever again. And unless you are planning some kind of
terrorist act, you are just “irrelevant” to the state, anyway.
Let’s get real!

Why we’ll learn to love TV commercials.
We all love to hate commercials during our favorite TV shows.
We have to invent stuff to do during the break when entering
a commercial slot. TV show producers have to invent mini
cliffhangers that will make people come back after the break.
What can make that monetary disease go away forever?
Come with me.

Want the best latte? Ask a real ghost in New York.
Ever walked around a new neighbourhood in a new city,
feeling a bit lost? Now take my hand.